Social Impact Assessment Expert


Qualification & Experience


Bachelor or Masterís degree in Environmental Science, Ecology, Environmental Engineering, Agricultural Engineering, or Natural Resources Management with atleast 6-7 years of relevant professional experience in the areas of environmental management, natural resource management, environmental/social assessment, environmental/social monitoring, environmental/social compliance, stakeholder engagement and public consultations

Job Description

     Preparation of Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Reports

     Preparation of Resettlement Action Plan

     Identification of institutional framework for implementation of resettlement activities

     Conceptualizing different questionnaire for various socio-economic and census survey and coordinating socio-economic surveys

     Recognizing PAPs, analysis & assessment of potential social impacts (direct & indirect) using participatory approach

     Collection of baseline data on human settlements, health status, demographic patterns, occupation and economic status of the community as also existing facilities for social welfare and health care

     Preparation of proposal of the methodology of land/property survey and valuation

     Recommending mitigation measure, conducting public consultation, group discussion on the likely issues and prioritizing the potential social impact and its mitigation with PAPs (Vulnerable & Non- Vulnerable)

     Developing Land Acquisition Plans & Social Impact Assessment Reports, Feasibility Report & Poverty Analysis and presenting the mitigation measures to the PAPs during public meeting

     Ensuring preparation of RAP as per prescribed Guidelines

     Legal & Contract Research

     Strategic & Tactical Planning Development Entitlement