Urban Renewal/Development


(1) Rejuvenation of Amanishah Nallah, Jaipur including its Area Development

Jaipur Development Authority (JDA) appointed PDCOR to provide Transaction Advisory Services for structuring a project for rejuvenation of Dravyavati River (also known as Amanisha Nallah) on the Swiss Challenge basis. The scope of work of the Developer would include Course Correction/Strengthening of Nallah; Sewerage Interception, Treatment, Reuse and Disposal; Improving Water Quality Standard & Water Availability; Land Area Development along the Nallah etc. and O&M of infrastructure for a period of 10 Years. This project will strengthen and improve the natural drainage system, ecological and environmental conditions within and around, protect against flood and develop the Nallah as water front to make it a central attraction in Jaipur city. It will also curb deterioration of the underground water quality due to percolation of untreated sewage. Therefore, this project would positively impact the lives of about 30 lakh residents of Jaipur city. The project was successfully bid out and is now under implementation.

(2) Exhibition cum Convention Centre at Sitapura Industrial Area, Jaipur on PPP basis

Rajasthan State Industrial Development & Investment Corporation Ltd. (RIICO) engaged PDCOR to provide consultancy to develop a State of the art Exhibition cum Convention Centre and a hotel along with support infrastructure to promote MICE tourism in the State on about 42 acres land at Sitapura, Jaipur on PPP mode. The scope of work for PDCOR included undertaking needs analysis and market demand assessment; feasibility study; project structuring and financial modelling; preparation of implementation structure, PPP options, procurement documents and procurement of developer(s).

The project was approved by the State Cabinet in February 2012. The project has since been implemented by the selected developer and is in operations since January 2015. The project is contributing towards promoting MICE tourism in the State.

(3) Relocation of 17 Slums under JDA jurisdiction

Jaipur Development Authority (JDA) awarded PDCOR the work of preparation of DPR of 17 nos. slums in Jaipur towards its objective of making Jaipur slum-free. PDCOR prepared the DPR and facilitated its approval from State Level Nodal Agency and Government of India. The approved cost of the project is Rs 94 crore comprising of construction of 2922 dwelling units. After completion of the tendering process by PDCOR for appointment of contractor to undertake the construction activities, JDA awarded the work to the selected bidder and the project has been implemented. The project has contributed towards making Jaipur as a Slum free city.

(4) Relocation of 14 Slums under Jaipur Municipal Corporation

On the same lines of 17 slums project, PDCOR worked on the relocation plan of 14 slums for JMC (subsequently transferred to JDA) under BSUP programme. PDCOR prepared the DPR for the project and also got the same approved from State Level Nodal Agency and Ministry of Housing and Poverty Alleviation (MoHUPA) under BSUP component of JnNURM. MoHUPA, GoI approved the project with the project cost as Rs. 87.50 crore comprising the construction of 2892 dwelling units. After completion of the tendering process by PDCOR for appointment of contractor to undertake the construction activities, JDA awarded the work to the selected bidder and the project has been implemented. The project has contributed towards making Jaipur as a Slum free city.

(5) Master Planning for Dargah Area, Ajmer

The inner city of Dargah area in Ajmer has been changing its residential character to non-residential / mixed use. With the increasing number of tourists, the area is witnessing a heavy load on the physical infrastructure. This area is going through substantial socio-economic changes in an unplanned manner. The enormous load of visitors during annual festivals requires extra planning to avoid any disaster. In order to increase the quality of life of the people residing in this area, and of the tourists visiting the Dargah, it was necessary to prepare a Comprehensive Master Plan for Dargah Area.

UIT, Ajmer retained PDCOR as the consultant to prepare the Master Plan. The Company utilized its experience and expertise developed through various projects carried out under JnNURM to develop sustainable solutions for addressing key issues the area is facing.
Master Plan was approved by GoR and was handed over to UIT Ajmer for implementation.

(6) Project Management Service for the E-Mitra Project

PDCOR provided critical management support to Department of Information Technology & Communication, Government of Rajasthan, towards effective implementation and monitoring of the e-mitra project which is a flagship programme of the State Government offering citizen centric government and private services to citizens at their door steps in rural and urban areas across 33 districts. With significant addition of new services, this public-private-partnership initiative has been playing significant role in improving efficacy of service delivery to the common people and making their life easy by bringing citizen centric services at their door step.

(7) Urban Development and Management Plan for the selected religious settlements

Tourism is one of the priority sectors for the State as it promotes sustainable livelihood for the people of the State and has multiplier effect on economic growth. The Company is working with Devasthan Department to promote religious tourism in the State, through preparation of Vision Plan / Master Plan/ Village Development Plan/ Management Plan, preparation of DPRs for identified projects including bid process management for execution of works for various religious places in Rajasthan through experts/consultants. The experts/ consultants have been selected on the basis of competitive and transparent bid process with a vision for a long term development of the respective settlements covering infrastructure components and management of the temples/sites/surroundings. Preparation of Master Plan, DPRs and Tender Documents by the selected Consultants is in progress.

(8) 2-level underground parking facility at Ram Niwas Garden Jaipur

Jaipur Development Authority decided to convert the space available in Ram Niwas Garden, which was hitherto being used as surface parking area into two level underground parking facilities on EPC contract. The objective of the project was to construct underground car parking at Ramniwas Garden, Jaipur for a Sufficient number of vehicles so that some parts of walled city area are, atleast partially relieved of parking problem and traffic movement is smoothened as much as possible. The project aimed at construction of an underground parking facility for 1000 Equivalent Car Space with an estimated cost of Rs. 40 crore and within a time period of 18 months. PDCOR has successfully delivered this project. The project has been implemented and is operational since January 2013.


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