Institutional Development


(1) Rajasthan Institute of Agro- Processing, Bharatpur

Rajasthan State Agriculture Marketing Board (RSAMB) intends to set up an agro and food processing centre in the name of “Rajasthan Institute of Agro Processing (RIAP)” at Bharatpur. RSAMB invited competitive financial proposals from technically eligible entities for preparation of Detailed Project Report and helping in its implementation. PDCOR’s proposal was found the most competitive and the assignment was awarded to it. PDCOR has submitted Final Project Report along with the layout and building drawings to RIAP.

(2) Setting-up Rajasthan Institute of Hydrology and Water Management (RIHWM) at Bikaner

As the State faces acute water scarcity, the State Government has been taking several initiatives to address some of the issues which are critical to attain sustainability in longer term. In this context promotion of multi-disciplinary and action-oriented research in these areas is felt as necessity to enable the Government adapting to appropriate actions in timely manner. To cater to these requirements of having a “think tank” on water management related aspects which would also contribute to the policy making process, the Water Resources Department, GoR has decided setting up the Rajasthan Institute of Hydrology and Water Management (RIHWM) at Bikaner. The proposed RIHWM would be a "Center of Excellence" in the related area and would primarily focus on the challenges being faced by the State including availability, quality, and utilization of water resources.

PDCOR has prepared a Detailed Report for the Department covering significant aspects related to setting up the proposed Institute such as the thematic research areas, organizational set up, infrastructure requirement assessment, cost estimates, draft legislation, road-map for implementation.

The Final Report was submitted by PDCOR in April 2012. The Institute once setup would play an important role in efficient water management across the State.

(3) Comprehensive water laws for the State of Rajasthan

In an attempt to address the increasingly pressing water shortage in the State, the GoR with support of the European Union is implementing the State Partnership Programme in the water sector since 2007. In the context of the State wide water sector reforms under this programme, a number of existing laws have been reviewed and commented upon which need to be harmonized and finalized in order to ensure that they meet requirements of National and State Water Policies, other related Act & Regulations. To achieve these objectives, State Water Resource Planning Dept assigned the task to the Company to review and make recommendations to amend existing water legislations wherever necessary to put in place a comprehensive framework meeting the objectives of GoR. The revised draft report on "Draft Water Bills" was submitted in September 2015. A national level workshop was held on 19th September 2015 at Delhi and further local level stakeholder consultation was held in March 2016 at Jaipur. The Final Report would be submitted after finalizing comments received on the Draft Bills from the Department and their incorporation in the report

(4) Setting-up a Research Centre to promote biotechnology and medical biotechnology sectors

In compliance of the budget announcement for FY 2013-14, Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of Rajasthan (GoR), initiated the process for setting-up a Research Centre to promote biotechnology and medical biotechnology sectors in the State. PDCOR was mandated to provide services for Project conceptualization, identification of thematic research areas, identification and finalization of equipments, broad assessment of civil infrastructure, manpower/ staff requirement, institutional framework, organization structure, broad cost estimates of proposed equipments, technical specification of the equipments for inviting tenders.

PDCOR submitted the Project Report to DST in November 2014. This Centre would promote biotechnology and medical biotechnology sectors in the State.

(5) Development of a Horticulture Park on PPP basis in Alwar District

Directorate of Horticulture, GoR is undertaking development of a Horticulture Park project on PPP basis on 39.41 hectares land situated in village Jainpurbas, Tehsil-Behror, Alwar for creation of infrastructure for Horticulture cropping, testing and training. Directorate decided to undertake the assignment in a two-stage manner as follows:

Stage-I: Developing the project from concept to project feasibility including, building the “Value for Money” and project rationale, pre-feasibility, technical review and PPP options structuring; and
Stage-II: - Finalization of financial model, PPP structure and development and management of the bid process up to bid closure.

PDCOR was assigned task of Stage-I of the Project for which final project report was submitted in April 2013

(6) Institute of Hotel Management, Jaipur

The country has an acute shortage of the trained manpower in hospitality sector and to meet a part of the requirement, Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation (RTDC) intends to develop an Institute of Hotel Management in the State. For this purpose RTDC intends to get financial assistance from Ministry of Tourism, Government of India under the ‘Scheme of Financial Assistance to the IHMs’. PDCOR was mandated the task of preparation of the Project Report as per GoI guidelines and assist RTDC in getting the approval of the same from MoT, GoI. PDCOR submitted the final report including all forms and formats as per the guidelines in September 2010.

(7) Special Investment Regions (SIR) Act for the State of Rajasthan

GoR is contemplating developing SIRs across the State aimed at creating world class infrastructure supported by conducive policy environment for promoting investments into the region. This is expected to achieve the objectives of "Make in India" mission, thereby generating more employment opportunities for people of the State through increased economic activities. Accordingly GoR intends to promote investments in manufacturing sector and downstream sector in related industries through development of SIRs and industrial corridors in the State. In the first phase, the GoR intends to develop a SIR for downstream manufacturing industries along the proposed Dedicated Freight Corridor. In this regard, the Company was entrusted to provide advisory services to Bureau of Investment Promotion (BIP), for formulating an enabling legislation for the establishment of SIR in the State. The draft legislation submitted by PDCOR has recently been passed by the State Assembly. The project once implemented would promote industrialisation and employment generation in the State.

(8) Project Management Service for the E-Mitra Project

PDCOR provided critical management support to Department of Information Technology & Communication, Government of Rajasthan, towards effective implementation and monitoring of the e-mitra project which is a flagship programme of the State Government offering citizen centric government and private services to citizens at their door steps in rural and urban areas across 33 districts. With significant addition of new services, this public-private-partnership initiative has been playing significant role in improving efficacy of service delivery to the common people and making their life easy by bringing citizen centric services at their door step.


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