Expression of Interest (EoI)


Empanelment of Individual Professionals


PDCOR Limited ("PDCOR") is joint venture company promoted by Govt. of Rajasthan. PDCOR board is chaired by Principal Secretary (Finance), Rajasthan. Since its inception (Year 1998), PDCOR has been providing institutional support to various State Govt. Departments and Agencies for planning, developing, and implementing projects across sectors.

PDCOR intends to create its panel of consultants (individual professionals) who are ready to provide their technical, project management and other professional support on short term/ long term/ assignment basis, etc. for various infrastructure projects. For this PDCOR has decided to empanel consultants (individual professionals) in following categories:


Type of Expert

Technical Personnel

a)      MIS & Project Management Expert    

b)     Infrastructure Engineers (Civil)

c)      Structural Engineer (For buildings & bridges)

d)     Water Resource Expert- Hydraulic Engineering

e)      Environmental Engineer (Solid Waste Sector)

f)       STP Expert

g)     Social Impact Assessment Expert

h)     Team Lead - Business Support Services (MSME)

i)       Water/ Wastewater Engineer

j)       GIS Expert

K)      Electrical Expert

l)        Mechanical Expert

m)     SCADA & Instrumentation

n)      Road Design Engineer

o)      Architect Planner


Finance Experts

a)      Financial Analyst

Contract/ Law Experts

a)     Contract Management Expert

b)     Legal Expert



Qualification & working experience related criteria along with detailed job description for each position and been defined separately.  Individual Professionals meeting the eligibility criteria for above mentioned profile's may submit their CVs/ Bio data by e-mail at in the form prescribed at Annexure-I


All further information/amendments etc. pertaining to this empanelment process will be uploaded only on the website of PDCOR Ltd. ( Hence the applicants desiring to get empanelled are advised to visit the website regularly for further updates, if any. 




(i)            Mere submission of Application for empanelment does not confer the right of empanelment/award of work or any contractual relationship with PDCOR. The right to suspend the empanelment process or part of the process, to accept or reject any or all applications at any stage of the process and /or to modify the process or any part thereof at any time without assigning any reason thereto is reserved with PDCOR without any obligation or liability whatsoever. Notwithstanding submission of EoI Application, PDCOR is not under obligation to include any applicant in the empanelment panel or entertain any queries in this regard.  The empanelment of any applicant shall be at the sole discretion of the PDCOR and no applicant shall have any claim for being empanelled.

(ii)          In the event of any furnished information is found to be incorrect or misleading or deceptive or if there is any breach of the terms and conditions at any time by the empanelled applicants, the empanelment may be terminated summarily without any notice.



Form-1 (for Individuals/ Professionals)

                                                                                                                                                                     (Download word file)


EoI Application for Empanelment of Consultants (Individual) for ............... (mentioned name of category for which EOI is being submitted, list of categories mentioned at page no. 1)

Name of Professional


Date of Birth




Any other Certification & Trainings


Details of Publications (if any)


Total Years of Work Experience


Total Years of Relevant Experience


Key Expertise


Language Known


Communication Address

Post Address: ...............; Phone: ................; E-mail: ..............

Work History (current to past)

Name of Organisation & Location

Duration (from: DD/MM/YYYY to: DD/ MM/YYYY)


Key tasks handled














Projects Handled


S. N.

Name of Project

Client & Location

Duration (from: DD/MM/YYYY to: DD/ MM/YYYY)

Role in the project

Description of Services rendered by Professional

































I, ---------------------- (name of professional), certify that to the best of my knowledge and belief, these data correctly describe me, my qualifications, and my experience.


Full Name & Signature: -----------------------------                                               Date: ------------------------




Nodal Officer : Pankaj Yadav, Senior Manager, Mob.: 9828033110, E-mail :