(1) Dhola Maru Tourism Complex, Jaisalamer

The Dhola Maru Tourism Complex will be built on around 3,500 bighas land on the Moolsagar and Amar Sagar Sam Road. As part of the theme identification, the scope includes the thematic areas for Dhola Maru Tourist Complex including resorts, hotels, traditional accommodation stay facilities for different income group tourists, desert adventure and recreational activities, yoga retreat & rejuvenation center, food zone, local cuisine experience, pavilions for handicrafts, artisans, folk artists, Folk art training center with its proposed offerings, courses etc.

(2) Project Management Services for Development of Spiritual Circuit in Rajasthan under Swadesh Darshan Scheme of Ministry of Tourism, Government of India

PDCOR Limited has been providing Project Management Services to Department of Tourism, Government of Rajasthan for development of Spiritual Circuit in Rajasthan Circuit (Project Cost: Rs. 93.90 Crore) entirely funded under Swadesh Darshan Scheme of Ministry of Tourism, Government of India. Project involved development of tourism infrastructure and facilities (pilgrim facility centre, cultural cum interpretation centres, parking, last mile connectivity, pilgrim waiting areas, Yatri sheds, restaurants/ cafeteria, OAT, light & sound show, etc.) at 9 spiritual locations: Salasar Balaji (Churu), Mehandipur Balaji (Dausa), Sanwaliya Seth (Chittorgarh), Kaman Region (Bharatpur) Machkund (Dholpur) and Samod Balaji (Jaipur), Ghat ke Balaji, Bandhe ke Balaji, Viratnagar (Jaipur).

(3) Light & Sound Show at Machkund (Dholpur)

Light & Sound Show at Machkund (Dholpur) was developed under Swadesh Darshan Scheme of Ministry of Tourism, GoI. Machkund is an ancient sacred pilgrim place having a kund (waterbody) surrounded by temples. Light & Sound Show at Machkund is one of the first show in Rajasthan featuring 3-D projection mapping on heritage buildings at Machkund using high-end 3-chip DLP projectors of 20,000 lumens, DMX controlled LED lights, 5.1 audio surround system, moving heads, gobo lights, laser lights, etc. PDCOR Limited provided Project Management Consultancy (PMC) services to Department of Tourism, Govt. of Rajasthan for development of this Project.

(4) Project Development and Management Consultancy Services for Tourism Circuits

The Department of Tourism (DoT) has engaged PDCOR to get Detailed Project Reports prepared and Project Management Consultancy Services for Adventure/Eco Tourism Circuit, Spiritual Circuit, Tribal Circuit and Heritage Circuit under Swadesh Darshan Scheme of Government of India (GoI). Project Reports have been prepared and submitted as per guidelines of Ministry of Tourism, GoI. After project approval by the Ministry, Detailed Project Report, architectural structural & working drawings, working estimates based on the latest schedule of rates, tender document etc. would be submitted and Project Monitoring/ Management Services during implementation phase would be provided till the final completion of all works of the projects as per the monitoring framework of the Ministry of Tourism, GoI.

(5) Restoration and Re-use of Tijara Fort

PDCOR had been given a mandate to develop the project for architectural conservation and re-development of the Tijara Fort in Alwar district as a heritage hotel, in PPP format, which is expected to further contribute towards tourism development in the State. The project was of complex nature involving restoration of the old dilapidated fort with old techniques to preserve its heritage alongwith taking approvals from various departments, key being the Ministry of Environment and Forest (MOEF).

The project was bid out successfully and is under implementation.

(6) Jal Mahal (Mansagar lake) Restoration, Jaipur

GoR, through PDCOR Limited, adopted and evolved a bankable PPP structure to revive the dying Mansagar Lake, restore the Jal Mahal monument and develop the area as a whole to attract tourists and increase duration of their stay at Jaipur. Detailed Project Report was prepared for restoration of Mansagar Lake and funding was sought under National Lake Restoration Plan from Ministry of Environment and Forest (MoEF), GoI. MoEF granted fund to the tune of 70% of the anticipated expenditure towards lake restoration. MoEF also appreciated the unique project structure and recognized that “the project document and structure has served as a benchmark for developing sustainable lake restoration projects on Public Private Partnership (PPP) model”. It also remarked that MoEF is “recommending a similar approach to other States for lake conservation projects”.

The Project Agreement with the successful bidder was signed in November 2005. The project is currently under execution. The site has now become one of the centers of attraction for tourists and local people of the city. The project is also promoting tourism and restoring water quality of the water body. It is having a significant positive impact on the ecology and environment of the surrounding area and of the city.

(7) Urban Development and Management Plan for the selected religious settlements

Tourism is one of the priority sectors for the State as it promotes sustainable livelihood for the people of the State and has multiplier effect on economic growth. The Company is working with Devasthan Department to promote religious tourism in the State, through preparation of Vision Plan / Master Plan/ Village Development Plan/ Management Plan, preparation of DPRs for identified projects including bid process management for execution of works for various religious places in Rajasthan through experts/consultants. The experts/ consultants have been selected on the basis of competitive and transparent bid process with a vision for a long term development of the respective settlements covering infrastructure components and management of the temples/sites/surroundings. Preparation of Master Plan, DPRs and Tender Documents by the selected Consultants is in progress.

(8) Institute of Hotel Management, Jaipur

The country has an acute shortage of the trained manpower in hospitality sector and to meet a part of the requirement, Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation (RTDC) intends to develop an Institute of Hotel Management in the State. For this purpose RTDC intends to get financial assistance from Ministry of Tourism, Government of India under the ‘Scheme of Financial Assistance to the IHMs’. PDCOR was mandated the task of preparation of the Project Report as per GoI guidelines and assist RTDC in getting the approval of the same from MoT, GoI. PDCOR submitted the final report including all forms and formats as per the guidelines in September 2010.


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